Why is Agile important to YOU?

Agile is the new trend in the world. The concept was created more than 10 years ago, but today it is the new trend. Everyone that is cool uses Agile from new start ups to big companies like Google, Facebook, Thoughtworks and etc. Agile brings benefits and advantages.  I  believe that Agile is important and not only for IT companies, but for companies in all industries. But why? Why is Agile so important? Because Agile encourage us to work as a team, to be more honest with ourselves and with our clients and to attack the right problem at the right time. Agile has some important principles (you can find them here), but two of them are very important. The first is: Individuals over process. This principle is VERY important because what really matter are your team members including your client. It is the team work. If we fail at this step, all the agile concept goes away. We’ll never succeed. What is necessary for good team work? Communication. You should always care about communication. If your team doesn’t communicate well, you’ll never succeed. Communication goes farther than stands up, retrospectives and etc. It is about people talking, sharing knowledge, discussing problems, giving feedback. If your team doesn’t have good communication, you’re doing it wrong. The seconde principle is: Welcome changing requirements. Yes, this is very important as well. It not just about changing requirements, it is about changing situations, changing scenarios, changing people, changing environments. It is about Flexibility. It is accepting that everything can change that yesterday’s priorities are no longer important today. It is accepting that there is no golden rule and that we never will have enough money and time to do everything. But it is also accepting that we can deliver what is important today, quickly and with quality. The two principles above are very important. If we have good communication within the team, we will always know what is important and what is going on. We will have enough information to change when necessary, be flexible, quick and responsive. Being able to act in this manner is the most important step to being Agile. Of course, there are other agile principles and all of them are important! Most of them use words like software, developers and architecture. But you can use the same principles in your reality and in whatever you do and it will work.

Update: Last weekend I was in event to talk about Lean Start up. One of the principles about Agile is Fail Fast. This is SO important, that I could write another post about it. Fortunately, I found an interesting blog post about that here. Also, the blog post from Daniel Wildt about the event.


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