Developing a product

When you work in a project for a client, you have a specific mindset. The client is your boss. They will pay for your work. They will make the important decisions. They will choose what is the most important thing to do or what should be changed. Basically, the work from an agile team in this scenario is help the client to decide how the solution should be and how are the steps to get there. Once the client takes all that decisions, we just get stuff done. Of course, it is not as easy as it sounds, but this is the basic idea. In this scenario the client has the power and also the responsibility.

When you are developing a product, however, this mindset doesn’t work anymore. You don’t have a single client anymore, you don’t have a boss. You have multiple clients and all of them want different features. Even though, you have a Product Owner to make the “client” role, the team together decides what needs to be done. In this scenario the responsibility in the team is much bigger when comparing with a common project. It is not as simple as create a story and then push to production.

In a product each new feature is more analyzed and discussed than in a common project. A particular feature can be implemented in different ways and the discussion about how implement it takes time. First thing to notice is: the feature should be detailed and has a very common understanding among the team. Even if the team wants to split the feature in different parts, everyone need to have a good understanding about the feature in a high level perspective. Otherwise, we can have a hard time later to change the code, the model to meet the requirements. A product is not something so easy to change as a common project.

I was reading an article about customer discovery and I just realized that I know very little about this. Develop a product is a new world for me. So I’ll start to read this book “The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Customer Development: A cheat sheet to The Four Steps to the Epiphany”. And then read the famous “The Four Steps to the Epiphany”. So I can have a better understand about this new world. It looks pretty exciting. If someone has any suggestion of good books about this, please let me know.


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